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Michael Gove apologises to his French teacher

After thirty years, Education Secretary Michael Gove has apologised for his treatment of his former French teacher Mr Montgomery, for his unruly behaviour in class.

The MP admits to competing amongst his friends to “embarrass” the teacher – and admitted that his interests were more akin to causing mischief rather than participating in class. Gove admitted to “showing-off” and asking “clever dick questions” in futile attempts to disrupt the lesson.


Mr Gove thinks that his teacher was a target to “hormonal lads” because he himself was only a few years older than they were, making him “a rookie in the classroom - and therefore ripe for ragging".

Thirty years later the secretary has realised his mistakes, and in recent a letter published in the Radio Times, has asked for his forgiveness:

"As I've grown up… my gratitude only grows. To you, and to everyone else in your profession," he says. He applauds teachers’ tolerance, persistence and commitment to their subjects, even in the face of an otherwise wilful audience, and acknowledges now that misbehaving means "you will miss out".

For the full article, visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-20034101

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